From Monday 30th March (Week 6) we will be offering online classes to those of you already booked onto a course.  You will be sent an email invite link to your allocated class. This will be as close to your normal time as possible and where possible with the same instructor. Class capacity has been temporarily increased to accommodate the reformer clients (this will be reviewed on the next course and adapted if needed). Please see the online timetable below. Please contact us if this time doesn’t suit you and we can move you to another session.
Please can we ask that you take the classes easy, remember the basic principles and look after your own body during this period whilst we cannot correct you in person.
This online class is just for our class members, please do not invite other people to your class. Our insurance covers clients who have had a 121 and filled in a medical form with us.
This course finishes on Sunday 19th April, renewals will be sent out on Week 7 and the new course begins Monday 20th April.
To get ready for your online class:
We will be using a secure online software called Zoom
If you are using a smart phone or iPad please can you download the zoom app 
Android:  click here
Apple:  click here
If you are using a laptop or desktop computer you will just need to follow the email link.
Before your class:
Please make a comfortable space at home, layout a pilates mat or towel, and a spare towel or cushion to rest your head on.  
Please turn any back ground noise off. Please can we ask that you set your computer or phone up so you can practise and view the computer /phone screen at the same time, make sure your computer sound is turned to on,  and if you want your instructor to be able to see you the camera turned to  on.
Please be prepared before the class starts so you can make the most of your online class time. 
If you don’t feel like practising in a group, we are still offering online 121 classes, please contact us for further information.
If you are a studio equipment client from next week you have been allocated a group mat class. The cost of this is  £10 a class, or if you have already paid for a block of 10 then this can be taken from your block booking.  
To pay Gemma please make a payment to: Gemma Milner Account: 80050334, Sort code: 209069
To pay Karen please make a payment to: Karen Hamer Account: 20416975, Sort code: 201280
9.30 Beginner Plus Mat Karen
6.00 Intermediate Mat with Suzy
7.00 Beginner Plus Mat with Suzy
8.00 Beginner Plus Mat with Suzy
08.15 Beginner Plus with Sarah
09.30 Beginner Plus Mat with Karen
10.45 Intermediate Mat with Elda
4.00 Beginner Plus with Gemma
6.00 Beginner Plus Mat with Keri
7.00 intermediate Mat with Keri
8.15 Beginner Mat with Suzy
09.15 Intermediate Mat with Karen  
12.30 Intermediate Mat with Gemma
7.00 Beginner Mat with Nikki
8.00 Beginner Plus Mat with Nikki
09.15 Beginner Plus Mat with Karen
10.15 Beginner Mat with Karen
11.30 Beginner Plus Mat with Gemma
12.45 Beginner Plus Mat with Jane
6.00 Intermediate Mat with Suzy
08.00 Intermediate Mat with Gemma
11.00 Intermediate Mat with Sarah
12.30 Beginner Mat with Gemma
1.30 Beginner Plus Mat with Gemma
08.30 Beginner Plus Mat with Karen 
9.30 Intermediate Mat with Suzy
10.30 Beginner Plus Mat with Suzy
10.00-11.00 Beginner Plus Mat with Barbara
Thank you for your continued support  and we look forward to seeing you online. 
If you have any questions, concerns or need help please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.