Come and attend this masterclass to find out the truth about detoxing and discover safer, natural ways to boost energy and balance out hormones and weight.

Are you in the middle of a New Year’s annual ‘detox’ and feeling quite low and depleted?
Would you like natural and easy ways to help your body ‘detox’ – and increase your energy levels more permanently?
Are your periods, hormones, moods and weight out of control and wondering whether a ‘detox’ might help?

>> Find out some truths and surprising facts about common ‘detox’ trends and how they might be counter-productive in your quest for energy, weight loss and balance.

>> Get some practical, easy to implement (and safe) tips to help boost your energy and balance your moods, hormones and weight.

Saturday 8th Feb 11.30am-1pm/£22
To book, contact Kate via

About Nathalie
Nathalie Sansonetti has been working as a Nutritionist, Food Allergy Therapist and Certified Health Coach for over 10 years at her very busy practice in Hove, UK. Her passion for healthy living started over 30 years ago and she has helped transform the lives of hundreds of clients face-to-face, online and at various retreats. Nathalie loves sharing her simple, no-fuss delicious recipes and strongly believes in the power of food as ‘medicine’. Her other loves include her teenage boys, learning from modern thinkers and experiencing other cultures through food ‘adventures’ all over the world.