If you’ve never done Pilates before, we like to make sure you’re all set to go when you start one of our mat courses. We want you to feel confident in your first class and to make sure you understand the basic principles of Pilates.

To help you do this we have two options:
1 – You can book a 1-1 session with an instructor. This is an hour long session which includes a postural analysis and will take you through the breathing technique and connect you with you core. It will also allow you to discuss any health issues you may have – this session is particularly useful if you have been referred to us by a physio/osteopath etc or need some form of rehabilitation/special care. Cost £45. (If you share it with a friend, the cost is £55).
2 – You can attend a Basics Principles (BP) class which takes place a little while before the start of each course. The instructor will carefully take you through all the techniques you’ll need to know for your first lesson and help you understand more about what happens in one of our classes. These sessions are small in numbers (max 6), so that you all get the most out of it and we get to know you a bit better. Cost £20.

Dates for the next few BP classes are:
Monday June 11th 7-8pm
Tuesday 28th August 6-7pm
Monday 15th October 7-8pm

So, what are you waiting for? To get started, pick your preferred option and contact Beth via info@purelypilatesstudio.co.uk. We can’t wait to welcome you to the studio.