This year, we’re running four individual masterclasses that flow in conjunction with the seasons and have been designed to suit what your body naturally wants to do at that particular time of year.

Book an individual season or make the most of our Series Masterclass discount,by booking all four now.

Spring – Making strong roots: Jumpboard Masterclass.This session will help you tap into the energy your body has been storing up through winter and give you a firm grounding for the year ahead. Elda will begin this masterclass with some standing footwork, exploring the importance to movement of the ground connection. You’ll build on this in a dynamic Jumpbaord segment on the reformer.

Saturday 21st March: 11.30 – 1pm
Instructor: Elda 

Summer – Dynamic Pilates. This high energy class comes at a time when everything is abundant in our natural surroundings. Gemma will take you through a mat based workout using bodyweight to challenge your body dynamically using the higher energy you naturally have during the summer season.

Saturday 27th June: 11.30 – 1pm
Instructor: Gemma

Autumn – Pure Pilates. Time to nurture and store good practice in your body. Karen will lead you through this holistic session, helping you let go of any bad habits that aren’t serving you so well in your Pilates workout and focussing on good form to carry with you into the Winter.

Saturday 26th September: 11.30 – 1pm
Instructor: Karen

Winter – Flo Pilates with relaxation.Suzy will help you slow down and store up some energy to get through the Winter. This Masterclass will get you in tune with the slower rhythm of this season and help you sink into these colder months with ease.

Saturday 21st November: 11.30 – 1pm
Instructor: Suzy

To book, contact Kate via Each individual Masterclass is £25. However, a discount of 10% will be included if you book all four at the same time.