From personal experience Keri has seen the strength that comes from practicing Pilates regularly. In fact, it’s why she loves teaching Pilates so much. Previously Keri suffered from what she describes as the “I seriously can’t get out of bed” bad lower back pain during her career as a gardener, when Keri was often repeatedly working on one side of her body. Also working as a photographer carrying heavy equipment, plus studying garden design, meant Keri was always hunched over a work board for hours on end. Thankfully her doctors, who had put the pain down to just the wear and tear of working life, suggested to give Pilates a try.

Through Pilates Keri has managed to become pain free, strong and active again, and she’s back to surfing, horse riding, running and sailing!

Having seen how Pilates can change your body so effectively, Keri decided to retrain as a Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates, and more recently with Paul Mclinden at Body Control Pilates Studio to teach the studio equipment. Keri also has BHTA fitness exercise instructor and personal trainer qualifications and is a member of REPS exercise professionals.

Tell us about your classes: I really enjoy seeing the clients progress through the weekly classes and seeing how much stronger they become. Pilates should be available to everyone, it has an amazing ability to keep people active, strong, mobile and in good health as we all get older!

Testimonial: I have the pleasure of practising pilates with Keri. I am impressed by her attention to detail in respect of members’ individual needs and her willing ability to adapt exercises to suit them. The class is always varied and enjoyable, and I know that I benefit physically and mentally from attending Keri’s Pilates classes – Ann Trick

Keri teaches on:
Tuesday 7pm – Intermediate
Tuesday 8pm – Reformer
Wednesday 7pm – Beginners
Wednesday 8pm – Beginners Plus

To book a class with Keri and see some brilliant results for yourself, contact Beth via