Come and join Khody Damestani to learn how to unlock the motivation to achieve your desired goals. 

✅ Learn how to get and stay motivated

✅ Discover powerful techniques to overcome the barriers that stop you from achieving what you want in life

✅ Find out why will power will only let you down if you want to stay motivated in pursuit of your goals

✅ Stop self sabotage and procrastination from infecting the goals you set yourself

Wed 29th January 6.30-8pm/£22
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About Khody

Khody Damestani MSc BSc DIHP is a leading expert in the areas of behaviour change, happiness and overcoming anxiety with over 18 years experience as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and University lecturer.

He is the author of internationally recognised diplomas and degree modules in his field. He has worked with Olympic athletes, business leaders and organisations in the areas of peak performance and emotional well-being.