HIP Pilates – Saturday May 18, 11.30am – 1pm

If you have always wanted to mix your cardio workout with your Pilates, this is most definitely the course for you!

HIP Pilates® is aimed at raising your heart rate AND improving your overall functionality, strength, mobility and stamina. It combines high energy, up beat movement with the precision and focus of a traditional Pilates class. What’s not to love?

It’s a non stop class specifically structured to provide an all over body workout including:

  • progressing choreography to improve balance and co-ordination
  • precise functional movement aimed to improve overall strength and mobility
  • weights to increase cardio endurance and recovery

To book, contact Beth via info@purelypilatesstudio.co.uk. £20 per person

BIO – Jane is a highly qualified massage practitioner and Pilates instructor with over 15 years’ experience. She has worked with sports people including the Brighton and Hove Albion team and various musicians. Jane’s infectious enthusiasm for Pilates means that her classes and sessions are always rewarding.