Step 1: Book or renew your class

Book your course with Kate for the next 4 weeks.

Step 2: Receive your unique class link

You will receive the link up to 1 hour before the class. It’s as easy at clicking the link. This will open a new window on your laptop. It will ask to download a few settings but then it’s done. You can join the chatroom after class, great time to catch up with your friends at the studio!

Step 3: Be ready on the mat

To make the most of your session and not to delay your other class mates, please get your practise area ready before your class starts. Detailed instructions are sent out with your online class link.

Click the link, and wait for your instructor to start the online class, and then guide you through a great mat work session. Just what you need to keep your sanity!

A Second Class?

If you are at a loose end during lock down, why not consider a second class? Book as a course or as an extra class (£12) just contact Kate to get booked in.