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Flow Pilates Masterclass with Suzy

Flow Pilates Masterclass with Suzy Saturday 30th November 11.30am -1pm / £20 Come along for a dynamic flow Pilates masterclass with Suzy who will take you through a creative and fun workout moving from one Pilates exercise to the next. Guaranteed to make you feel...

How to overcome anxiety workshop

How To Overcome Anxiety.A workshop with Khody Damestani. Wed 20th November 7pm – 8.30pm / £20.00  Learn proven techniques to soothe your nervous system and restore calm. Discover powerful techniques to challenge fear and worry. Find out how your mind works to manage...

A warm welcome to our new Office Manager

A new face at the Studio Please give a warm welcome to our lovely new Office Manager – Emma. You may have heard from her via email over the last few weeks or seen her around the Studios. Emma started her career as a Graphic Designer, working with international hair...

Summer School 2019

Summer School at Purely Pilates 2019. Come and join us during August with a new look Summer School timetable for you to keep up your Pilates during the holidays. We’re really looking forward to seeing you. Classes running between August 12th-18th 2019 Day/Time...

Shimmy Through Summer Masterclass

Shimmy through Summer with Fiona! This Masterclass will explore the shoulder girdle through the Pilates repertoire with stability, strength and flexibility. We will focus on how the shoulders can improve posture and protect the lower back. This workshop is for all...

How to be Happier

Come and join Khody Damestani to learn how to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Find out what it takes to get and stay happier Change the story that directs your life Discover the true and proven route to authentic happiness Discover the latest evidence based...

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    Purely Pilates Studio

    purely PILATES is all about you, our customers. Thanks to our personalised and professional approach to Pilates, we can assess and empower you to work with movements to improve your posture, tone and lengthen your muscles to create a stronger more flexible body. Between us we have over 30 years’ experience in health and fitness with clients that have been training with us for many years. Our passion for Pilates has led us to open the only fully equipped Pilates Studio in the Hove area. Helping individuals recover from injury, get back in shape after childbirth, improve athletic performance and get fit, is the driving force behind our success.
    Purely Pilates Studio
    Purely Pilates Studio1 day ago
    "Making strong roots: Jumpboard Masterclass" This session will help you tap into the energy your body has been storing up through winter and give you a firm grounding for the year ahead. Elda will begin this masterclass with some standing footwork, exploring the importance to movement of the ground connection. You’ll build on this in a dynamic Jumpboard segment on the reformer. To book contact Kate on info@purelypilatesstudio.co.uk (limited numbers available)!
    Purely Pilates Studio
    Purely Pilates Studio4 days ago
    It's Renewal time ! We are booking classes for the next course, make sure you've made your renewal. The new course runs from Monday 24th February until Sunday 19th April 2020. Thank you. info@purelypilatesstudio.co.uk
    Purely Pilates Studio
    Purely Pilates Studio7 days ago
    Happy Valentine’s ! ❤️ "Smaller muscles need love too"!
    ....Here at Purely Pilates we are interested in the little things in life… your little stabiliser muscles are busy keeping you upright and in alignment without you even feeling them. Injury and joint stress can leave them needing help.
    So if you want to give yourself some deeper love this Valentines, give us a call! 01273770900 or email us on info@purelypilatesstudio.co.uk 💕
    Purely Pilates Studio
    Purely Pilates Studio1 week ago
    Here at Purely Pilates we have recorded some short videos to help you with your Pilates practice. Reminding you of the basic principles of Pilates and guiding you through the postures. We hope they help and you enjoy them. 😊
    Here's Karen showing you how to do a neutral pelvis. https://youtu.be/6xt0hSu4FX0
    Purely Pilates Studio
    Pilates Neutral pelvis position
    Pilates: How to find and stabilise the neutral position of the pelvis. Karen, Director of Purely Pilates in Hove shows you how. https://purelypilatesstudio.c...
    Purely Pilates Studio
    Purely Pilates Studio2 weeks ago
    Reminder to those of you wishing to attend our Masterclass this Saturday. Nutritionalist Nathalie Sansonetti will be teaching you natural easy ways to help your body increase energy levels, balance hormones and moods more permanently.
    Saturday 8th February 11.30am-1pm £22
    Contact Kate on info@purelypilatesstudio.co.uk to book your space.